Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Re: Ticket Offices-SWT

As previously advised that the RMT advised the Company that we are in dispute with them over the issue of the proposals given to us to reduce Ticket Office posts,we can advise you that the Regional Organiser has had discussions with the Company on this issue,and that we are requesting that the Company remove the Multi Window Document from the table so we can have further discussions on this issue. In relation to the 114 posts within Ticket Offices that this Union launched a Campaign by issuing post cards at various locations,and received support from MP's,a final draft document was produced by the Passenger focus Groups in support of the Campaign we were holding,this document has now gone to the Departement For Transport to enable them to make a decision on. At time of this Post being put out we are awaiting for a response from the Company to find out if they are prepared to remove the Multi Window proposal document from the table,so the Negotiating team can enter into talks with the Company on this subject.If the Company does agree to remove the document from the table then our Unions Executive will consider to Suspend the Ballot that will be sent to members affected by this for Industrial Action. More information will be posted on this site on this issue as soon as it becomes available .

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