Saturday, November 22, 2008

De-Skilling of Clerical and Supervisory Positions

De-Skilling of Clerical and Supervisory Positions Publication Date: November 13 2008 Circular No: IR/271/08 Dear Colleagues DE-SKILLING OF CLERICAL AND SUPERVISORY POSITIONS The above issue was raised with all Train Operating Companies following a successful resolution at the 2008 National Conference of Supervisory, Clerical and Other Salaried Grades. The full transcript of the said resolution follows: “This Conference deplores the continual attempts by management to de-skill Retail jobs. This has an adverse effect on the quality of service that passengers receive and on staff morale. We therefore call upon the RMT to contact all companies in an endeavour to try to ensure that all New Entrants for Clerical and Supervisory positions are adequately qualified and receive full training before taking over Clerical and Supervisory positions.” At the request of the General Grades Committee, the matter was raised with all companies and the GGC considered all reports received to date and the following decision has been taken: “That we note the responses on file and in the main companies offer adequate training for these positions. Therefore the General Secretary is instructed to publish a circular in this regard informing Branches of this decision. Any instances or breaches of the agreement to be reported to the Lead Officer in the first instance. However the response from South West Trains invites comments on how the union could improve the training. A separate circular to be sent to SWT Branch accordingly.” I should be pleased if you could give your attention to this matter and ask that our members remain vigilant to any perceived breaches of the current agreement and that all such problems are raised with the Lead Officer. In accordance with the above, I shall notify the SWT Branch of the GGC decision separately, as requested. I trust this keeps you fully informed on the situation. Yours sincerely Bob Crow GENERAL SECRETARY

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