Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fleet Company Council Meeting

As advised the Company Council Reps met with the Company to discuss a wide range of issues that needed to be discussed with the Company.
At the meeting we discussed the issue of the Train Presentation team at Waterloo being transfered to being Managed by the Retail Function the Grades affected are all the CB and RO1 grades,the response was that a majority of the issues will be discussed Locally with the Manager of the Retail Function this will include reporting Lines for staff and establishment figures of staff and a host of various other issues,a meeting has been arranged at Local level to discuss these issues and this meeting has been arranged to take place on the 25th November.
Also discussed at the meeting was an issue of Xmas Hours in previous years at Bournemouth Depot,the Company agreed to look at this issue and will respond to us on this issue at the next Fleet Company Council meeting in Feburary 2009.
The Company advised us that Vacancies are still being advertised for the CB AND MB grades within depots to try and fill these posts.
More information on all these issues will be posted on this site as soon as outcomes are resolved.

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