Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Ticket Barriers at Waterloo Station

To advise all that the new automatic ticket barriers at Waterloo are due to go live in operation in Jan 2009,and a Health and Safety Walk is due to take place to access the concerns that have been raised in relation to crowds building up when the barriers are in operation.
A Safety Walk has been arranged to take place on the 08th December to look at the issues raised and to address these before the gates go live a Health and Safety Rep will be involved in this process along with the Company Management Representatives along with a Manager from Network Rail.
More information on the outcome of this will be posted on this site.

1 comment:

Ron said...

As a passenger and a tax payer can someone please show me the business case for the ticket barriers installed at Waterloo station?
To me they make no sense. They do not make my journey shorter, cheaper or more reliable.
There is already a guard on the train checking tickets so this is a duplication of a system that is already in place. Granted not perfect, but I doubt that the number of ticket defaulters that the guard misses justifies the cost of the gates and the extra staff required to attend them. To me this looks like a $100 solution managing a $10 problem.

Can someone show me the maths?