Saturday, December 20, 2008


As you all be aware your Negotiators have been meeting with the Company to discuss the October 2008 Pay award for all the Groups of Grades this Union Represents,we have been offered several offers from the Company in which we asked the Company to revisit. The Final meeting we had with the Company an improved offer was made of 4.8%,also added to this pay award would be 4.8% on London and South East(and associated Regional Allowances) and the Company have stated that this would be their final offer. Also to advise you that there will be also a alternative offer which will go to a referendum to our members and this offer is to accommodate our lower grades we represent and this offer would be a minimum increase of £700 per annum or 4.75% which ever is the greater,so for example for a Rail Operator Grade 1 this would mean a 5.5% pay rise for this grade and for a Rail Operator Grade 2 would mean a 5% payrise for this Grade. To accommodate our Lower Grades this would mean that the pay offer would be 4.75% which equates to a reduction of .05% which for a Revenue Protection/Guard/Supervisor or Clerical Officer would mean a cost of 20p per week,and as always it has been this Union’s position to increase Rates of Pay for our Lower Grades we Represent. We also raised the issue of the SWT Travel Pass now issued to Retired Staff to include their spouses also,this would be agreed by the company subject to the Agreement of the 2008 pay offer,and that if we agreed the Pay offer then this would be extended to include spouses from the 01st January 2009 upon written application from qualifying retired staff. Please be assured that this pay offer and the above has not yet been agreed and this offer will now go to our Unions Executive for approval,upon a report from your Regional Organiser to the Union. If you should require any further information on this or any other issue please contact your Company Council Representatives on the Contact details below. We would also like to wish yourselves and your Family a very Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year in 2009

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