Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pay Offer (OCT 2008) Update

To advise you all that your Negotiators met with the Company today to discuss the recent pay offer,and the Company have now offered a revised offer for the Trade Union to consider and the revised offer is now 4.8%! which includes the same percentage on the Regional/London Allowances. This is a 1 Year Offer with no Strings. The Company also considered the issue that we put forward in relation to re-issuing retired staff Spouses the SWT pass that is currently issued to staff retireing at the age of 65. The Company advised that if the 2008 pay offer is accepted then the extension of the SWT pass will include Retired spouses and this will apply from 1st January 2009 upon written application from qualifying retired staff. Following this revised Pay Offer your Regional Organiser will be submitting a report to the Unions Executive of this Offer,to enable this to be discussed within the Union's Machinery. Further Information will be posted on this site in relation to this issue.

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