Sunday, February 22, 2009


Support the RMT’s campaign against these drastic job cuts! The Company maintains a healthy profit while business sales revenue is up and shares are rising vigorously. Passenger numbers are increasing all the time. How can this Company justify this? • 660 job cuts? • Extra Stress put on top of those staff left after the cull? • The loss of invaluable experienced staff? • Cuts in services to Passengers? • Affects on the standard of safety? This is absolutely appalling. By the end of 2009 there could be over 3.5 million unemployed people in the country. Thousands of people per day are losing their jobs. Our company has announced these unnecessary job losses at one of the worst times in 30 years, if our members are thrown on the scrap heap they could find it very difficult to obtain employment, which is in real short supply now! This recession will last for many years and get worse before better! We must fight this and defend our member’s jobs, all avenues must be utilised as tools to win our argument! Please contact your MP’s and inform them that these cuts are totally uncalled-for? Even if you are in a Grade not on the list, don’t think your job is safe and that it does not affect you!-Once they have dealt with these other grades-The Company will then attempt to cut your jobs-So it’s us today and you tomorrow!!. All RMT members must unite and battle together to save jobs and guarantee no compulsory redundancies. We urge all members to stand up and be counted! An injury to one is an injury to all Vote yes on the RMT Ballot form!

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