Monday, June 01, 2009

Company Council Meeting

To advise you all that the Company Council Reps along with the RMT Regional Organiser met with the Company on the 29th June 2009 to discuss some important issues with the Company within Revenue Protection and Clerical Grades. We raised the issue of the item placed on the new Job Description for Revenue Protection grades where the Company wanted our Revenue Grades to deal with Anti Social Behaviour this was raised and the Company have agreed to remove this item from the Job Description. Also the issue was raised with the Company in relation to an item on their Job Description in relation to cleaning,we have stated that we would only expect our Clerical Officers to do the Cleaning within their work station and not other Cleaning outside of the Ticket Office. After a lengthy discussion on this subject and because the Company did not have any talks with us in relation to the change of Job Descriptions within Clerical Officers the existing Job Description from 2005 will remain,until we discuss this item further at the Company Council Meeting on the 22nd June 2009. This is a concern because we will not accept as a Union for other Grades inpinging on other duties for other Grade Groups after the Company Removed 100's of posts... More information on this issue and the outcome on the further meeting will be posted on this site.

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