Tuesday, June 02, 2009


To advise you all that by now you would of received a letter from South West Trains through the post in regards a Pay Save Scheme on how to make your Pension Contributions. I have since spoken to Peter Gale (Regional Organiser) RMT to discuss this and he has given me the following information on the RMT's position on this issue,and i feel it necessary to advise all Reps on our position as a Trade Union. Your RMT Regional Organiser has met with the Company on this issue and has advised the Company that this Union is totally opposed to this Scheme that they have introduced ie their Pay Save Scheme. Peter has since forwarded a report to our Unions Executive on this issue and at time of writing to you we are waiting for a reply as to what we propose to do about this issue, we are in the process in getting a RMT Circular out to all members to advise them of our Unions position. In the intreme i have been advised by Peter Gale to advise all members that we recommend members to OPT out of this Pay Save Scheme. All Reps can you ensure that the above information gets out to our members as you will be getting questions on this subject. If you require any further Information on this please do not hesitate to contact your Company Council/LDC Rep or your Regional Organiser/Council Of Executive member.

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