Wednesday, June 03, 2009


To advise that we had a Company Council meeting on the 29th May 2009 and at this meeting we discussed the issue of a change to the Clerical Officers Job Descriptions.
After a lengthy discussion with the Company they recognised that they have not discussed these changes with the Company Council Reps,it was agreed by all that the existing Job Description which is dated 2005 at the bottom of the JD is the one that staff within this Grade group will work to.
We have a Company Council meeting on the 22nd June where this will be discussed further,we was advised by the Company that the Managers within the Company will be briefed on this issue.
The Job Descriptions that are being given to staff to sign at the moment are not agreed and the 2005 JD's will be in place until we discuss this further at the meeting on the 22nd June.I trust this clarifies the situation on this issue.
More information on this issue and the outcome of the meeting on the 22nd June will be posted on this website.

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