Saturday, April 10, 2010

Installation on CCTV Screens

As you are aware the Guards/Retail Company Council Reps along with the Regional Organiser on the 07th April 2010, to discuss the issue of the Company installing CCTV Plazma screens at various locations. The Company advised us that they are planning to trial this out at 2 further locations, and also have advised us that this will invole reductions in Rail Operator Grades at some 24 Locations and will effect some 20 posts of this grade. The Company only provided the locations affected, but not the relevant Rail Operator posts, this being how many posts being removed from the location. We are all due to meet with the Company in the next few weeks, and will advise of the date and the outcome of the meeting, to advise that the 90 day consultation has not commenced as of yet. We will keep you all advised of developments on this.