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Circular No. NP/268/12

1st November 2012

H.O. Ref: R14/5



Dear Members,


October 2012

The Office of National Statistics has just published new inflation figures for the twelve months to September 2012. 

The Retail Price Index (RPI) stood at 2.6% for the year to September 2012, down 0.3% from the 2.9% figure to August 2012.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) stood at 2.2% for the year to September 2012, down 0.3% from the 2.5% figure to August 2012.

According to the ONS, the largest downward inflationary pressures came from housing costs (particularly domestic energy and water bills). Significant upward pressure came from transport costs, specifically diesel and petrol costs.

RMT pay submissions will continue to emphasise that your financial commitments have increased at a greater rate than inflation and that your living standards are undermined by this disparity.

Recent non-RMT settlements

Company /Sector


Effective From

Hitachi (Engineering)

· 3.5% pay rise and an additional one off Olympic pay rise of 0.5%.

· Reduction in weekly hours from 42 to 39.5, equates to four hours off each six day turn (times to be agreed).

· During the Olympic period (between 26th July and 14th August inclusive) a temporary maintenance roster will be implemented for all (consisting of two earlies and four night shifts). There will be a skeleton team on late shift formed of a team leader, team admin, one driver/DP and one other experienced shift member.

· All shift staff that work during the Olympic period will receive a £50 bonus payment per shift in recognition of the demands and adherence to the temporary roster. During the 12 shift period, the maximum bonus that will be attainable is £600.

· Annual leave is to be governed as normal (two shift members off at any time) and overtime will be paid at normal rates.

1 Apr 2012

Gulf Offshore


· 1% rise in basic pay

· ‘Foundation bonus’ for employees with start date prior to 1 Oct 1990



Recent RMT Settlements



Effective From



Two year deal:

Year one

· A 3% increase, effective from the earlier anniversary date of 1st March 2012, which is a permanent change.

Year Two (2013)

· A 2.5% increase or the Amey Group Pay Pot, whichever is greater.

Extension of Collective Bargaining

· As part of this agreement, the Company will bring all employees within Amey Inter Urban bands A-C who were previously on personal contracts back into Collective Bargaining Agreements with immediate effect. Amey will provide a list of these employees as soon as possible but no later than 15th November 2012.

· All staff coming back into Collective Bargaining this year will receive the full benefits of this pay deal rather than an imposed 1.75% increase.

· The principle of not recognising joint recognition for some job titles has now been dropped by the Company.

Collective Bargaining Opt-Out

· As part of the offer to extend Collective Bargaining, there will be a one-off opt-out for those that wish to remain on a personal contract. There will be a seven day window to opt-out, new starters will be in Collective Bargaining and the Company will remain neutral on this decision. Those that opt-out will not receive the enhanced Collective Bargaining pay rise.

· It is anticipated that only a handful of staff will opt-out and these are likely to be Senior and Principle Engineers etc.


· The Company is proposing further talks to achieve standardisation/harmonisation across Amey within an agreed time frame and a joint working party will be established.

Travelling Time

· The Company has recognised that this is a cause for concern from a Health and Safety and work life balance perspective. A separate working party will be established to review travelling time within an agreed time frame.

1 Mar 2012

Workshop/Train maintenance

Unipart Rail Doncaster

  • 2.5% pensionable increase on all basic rates of pay and allowances, with an agreement to:-

o Commence consultation on vehicle loading – to transfer this activity to Bibby.

o Commitment to enter into discussions with regards annual leave authorisation.

o Commitment to enter into discussions to explore annualised hours working in the warehouse.

o Commitment to enter into discussions on Managers working in the line (not only when all other avenues have been explored).

1 Apr 2012

Bus and Road Transport

DHL Prudhoe

· 2.5% increase to annual salaries.

· An additional days paid bereavement leave for direct family members.

· Company also gave commitment to review use of agency/temporary workers with an aspiration to move towards full time or fixed term employees.

1 Jul 2012

Hants & Dorset Trim

· Immediate 1% increase in all rates of pay.

1 Nov 2012

Yours sincerely,


Bob Crow

General Secretary

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