Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SWT Pay Talks 2012

To advise that your negotiating team have opened Pay Talks today, for this year. Management stated that the reason for the lateness of the start of the talks was due to the Olympics dispute with RMT earlier in the year.
The main focus of the day was a presentation by the Finance Director on the state of the country and the current Double-Dip recession.
All trades unions were then invited to present their submissions on behalf of their members. Due to the late withdrawal of the RMT lead officer, the Reps present gave the submission on his behalf, and asked that a decision could not be made by us until the Guards Working Party on reduction of their working week produced a concrete offer. Also that unrestructured cleaners should be offered a flat-rate rise rather than a percentage increase, due to the low wage levels which they currently work under.
Management then stated that talks would not be concluded today, and that they would take away the submissions for due consideration, and an offer would then be made.
This offer, they were at pains to add, without being able to put a figure on it as yet, would be below the rate of inflation (RPI). At present, this figure is around the 2.9% mark

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