Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lone Working-Responsibility for Passenger Safety

To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils

Circular No IR.209/13

Our Ref: BR2/14/2
11th April 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Lone Working – Responsibility for Passenger Safety

In my Circular IR.01/13 dated 3rd January I advised you that the following resolution was carried at the 2012 National Conference of Station and Associated Grades:-

“We are concerned after a recent Bomb evacuation that staff working alone are totally responsible for the safety of passengers. As always, information regarding the situation is not forthcoming. Not everybody has blackberries and access to office equipment may not be available, either because as lone working it is not possible to leave the platform or the office area has been cordoned off. In a situation like this, it is very distressing and confusing for all. What has become of the CAT teams that were set up and paid to train to assist colleagues in time of severe disruption? We feel not enough support is given to our staff who are left alone in these stressful situations.”

The General Grades Committee instructed me to write to the Train Operating Companies and raise this issue with them, and to ask what facilities staff have, and what their primary and secondary plans are, to support our members in times of disruption.

Replies were received from London Underground, First Transpennine Express, Greater Anglia and South West Trains all of whom maintain they have sufficient procedures in place with regard to lone working. However, the General Grades Committee note that they are vague in details and that other Train Operating Companies have yet to respond.

I have, therefore, asked all the Regional Organisers to raise this matter at Company Council level and have also asked them to reiterate that this union’s policy is to oppose lone working. I have asked them for a detailed report on the companies’ procedure with regard to lone working in times of disruption; once these are received they will be placed back before the General Grades Committee for further consideration.

I will, of course, keep you advised of developments.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow
General Secretary

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